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Logo Design, Graphic Design, Web Design, 3D Modelling Animation Logomotion Studios Malta Europe

Logo Motion Studios Malta is the company you have been looking for.Logo Motion Studios can satisfy all your graphic design needs.

Logomotion Studio Main Menu

LogoMotion Studios main menu compromises options for About section, Portfolio Section, Services Section and Contact section

Logo Design Malta

Best Logo Design

We guarantee the best logo design services you will ever need. Our logo designers really know the stuff and are able to put on paper what you really need

Graphic Design Malta

Best Graphic Design

We are very passionate about our work and we always push our creations to the limit and even beyond to achieve to the stunning work that we always provide for our customers

Best Flash Malta

Web Design Malta

We let our work speak for itself, try some of our websites and you realize that we know how to make the internet a more enjoyable and efficient place

3D Animation Malta

Best 3D Malta

We are the only company in Malta that specializes in real 3D animation. We really know 3D. We use software and simulations that are used in major film studios. We can create stunning effects such as those created in Hollywood

About Logo Motion Studios Malta

Welcome to LogoMotion Studios.

LogoMotion Studios was set up to provide innovative, original, customizable and state of the art graphic design services for all your needs.The idea to provide these services has been roaming in our minds for a lot of time, and one day we decided to join our talents and realize our dream. Our goal is to help you make your ideas tangable. Now a little something about the creators of LogoMotion Studios

Reuben Debono creator of Logo Motion Studios

Reuben: Ok Ok I know I am a computer graphics geek....I babble about CG all the time, the only way to make me stop is to take me to the cinema or turn on the Tv and put in an animated film of any sort. I remember since I was a Kid, always being amazed by spectacular CG animated cut-scenes in games. and movies ... and there it was : my dream.. have my own graphic design company. During the last decade I experimented with all type of graphics from 2D illustrations to eyepopping 3D characters, animationsand web design.(pssst if you are a 3D geek as well have a look at So whatever you desire you are just an email away [ ]

For 3D Character Design have a look at

To contact Reuben

Kristjana Borg creator of Logo Motion Studios

Krisi: I come from a family of artists and it has been a passion of mine since an early age. My preferred medium is pencil on paper however I have always enjoyed trying new things. A few years ago I was introduced to a new form of art…computer graphics. At first I was not convinced but after seeing the results of several different types of computer graphics it opened up a door of brand new artistic opportunities!! Now thanks to LogoMotion Studios I can help you bring to life all your imaginations. All you have to do is just send me an email and I will be more than happy to help. [ ]

To contact Kristjana

Simon Peter Borg graphic designer Logo Motion Studios Malta

Simon Peter joined Logo Motion studios recently and has provided Logo Motion Studios with his talents in graphics and Poster designs for any occasion you might need.

To contact Simon Peter

Logo Motion Studios Brief Overview

LogoMotion Studios is a brand new graphic design company consisting of a team of experienced and talented designers and artists in all fields. We guarantee original, creative, innovative, stunning and professional designs in all our work..We do not stop and rest until our clients are happy and satisfied. We make sure that you’ll get what you really need at top notch quality and affordable prices. So what are you waiting for? Send us an e-mail on or visit our Contact page for more details of getting in touch with us..

For all your graphical needs you can contact us on:

Signature About Section Logomotion

Reuben & Kristjana

Portfolio Logo Motion Studios Malta

Logo Motion Studios Portfolio Page is a dynamic flash page that was designed to be modular. This Page is divided into 4 section: Logos, Graphics Art, Web Design and 3D Works

Logo Motion Studios Portfolio Page can be updated very easily just by simply adding the desired pictures of any size and the website takes care of placing and scaling everything to match the requirements of the desired picture

Portfolio Page Logo Design (LogoMotion Studios Malta)

In this section you can see various of our logo design for some of our customers from all areas or businesses

Portfolio Page Graphic Design (LogoMotion Studios Malta)

We specialize in creating unique posters, invitations, business cards with the latest graphical trends. We make sure we'll get the attention of all your customers

Portfolio Page Web Design (LogoMotion Studios Malta)

We specialize in creating stunning web designs that will leave a mark in all those that visit your site. LogoMotion studios excels in creating flash content that enhances web applications and makes your website enjoyable, efficient, smart and effective

Websites designed by Logo Motion Studios

Cinoklu Arts

For Creative website design have a look at

Description : Cinoklu Arts is an artistic website showing the work of the Digital Artist Reuben Debono. This website was created for testing purposes at first, however we decided to give it a make over and transform it into an enjoyable interactive portfolio website.

Malta Private Tours

We strive for Innovative and Modern website design a sample of which can be seen at

Description:Malta Private Tours is the personal website of the local tourist guide Rita Fsadni. Rita entrusted us to build this website for her from scratch and it was a very interesting project that resulted in a very professional and effective website. Go on have a look !!!

GSX-R Fairings

We can create also e-commerce websites e-commerce websites a sample of which can be seen at

Description:GSX-R Fairings is a website dedicated to Suzuki GSX-R Fans and hobbyists who love their bike and always want to keep in touch with the latest components and fairings for their favourite bike.

Stainless Steel Sinks

LogoMotionStudios was entrusted to give a new attractive look to

Description: If you are looking for a a stainless steel sink for your home then this is the site you should pay a visit to. We helped out the guys from the popular site to enhance their website and make it much more attractive for their customers.

Moto Xpress

Another satisfied Client at

Description: This is another website we did in collaboration with our partners. We were responsible to create a new look for this site which is heaven for motorbike enthusiasts. On this site every motocycle passionate can find any type of accesory or part he/she needs at very affordable prices.

3pm 3am Productions

Effective Web Design New York at

Description: 3pm3amproduction is a clear example of our dynamic and flexible web design to suit all of your needs. We really enjoyed collaborating with our customers on this project creating a website packed with interactive content of this amazing production company based in New York City.

MECS Engineering Solutions

Modern and Elegant web design malta at

The guys at MECS Engineering solutions requested a professional and elegant web solution for their new online presence and we managed to achieve this by working hand in hand with the desired reqirements and hence another very satisfied client of LogoMotionStudios.

Portfolio Page 3D Animation (LogoMotion Studios Malta)

Logo Motion studios boasts to be light years ahead of its competitors when it comes to 3D modelling and animation. Logo motion studios digital artists are trained by experts and can deliver 3D animations of the highest standards as you are used to see in cinemas and computer games. Logo Motion studios utilizes the latest of technologies that are used in the CG industry such as autodesk Maya, Zbrush, 3Ds MAx, Modo, Realflow and various other software packages.

3D Animation and Modelling by Logo Motion Studios

Video Clip "COMING SOON"

Description : "Coming Soon" is a short video clip showing some of our experiments with 3D text. Make sure to visit often to watch various other clips of our work.

Video Clip "MORG (Character Animation)"

Description : "Morg" is a special character we really enjoyed creating and breath life into him. This cute viking is fully rigged including dynamic hair simulations. The concept art was created by the talented artist Michael Bills.

Video Clip "Deal Today(Flash Animation & illustration)"

Description : "Deal Today" is a short commercial created for the guys at The advert was created using flash animation which suits the nature of such messages where the flow is the most important aspect.

Video Clip "Tommy Fishfinger(3D Character Design and Modelling)"

Description : "Tommy" is another example of how talented our 3d artists are. Logomotion studios excels in creating such 3D character models to be used in films and animations or even in games.


Services Logo Motion Studios Malta

Logo MOtion Studios is a website designed by Reuben Debono, a modern digital artist not afraid to push current tools to the limit .

Logo Design Services Logomotion

What better way to advertise your product or service than through a logo?! Logo Motion Studios guarantees that you will get an original and creative logo selection customized to your particular likes and needs. You’ll be given the opportunity to view samples and make unlimited changes until you find the best one for you. With your knowledge of the product or service, and our artistic knowhow, we can achieve the best logo for you!

The Following is a list of what to expect from our logo designs: • Innovative • Original • Creative • Eye Catching • Memorable • Any characteristic you require, whether Classical or Modern, Playful or Serious,Elegant or Sporty, Feminine or Masculine,Colorful or Subtle. Anything you need, we can deliver. • Clean and Clear • Logos with Meaning and Character • Scalable to any size without loss of detail • Conversion from 2D to 3D for animations

Graphic Design Logomotion Malta

You have an event coming up? A party? A conference? Or maybe you want to make a statement with a personalized business card or one of a kind invitations…Well we’ve got what you are looking for! Eye catching and innovative designs made just for you including all the details and elements you wish for. We take into consideration your needs and requirements and whip up several original ideas of which you can choose your favourite…just like a kid in a candy store!

Our Graphics Services include: • Posters • Invitations • Flyers & Brochures • Magazines and Billboards • Business/Loyalty Cards • Letterheads • Calendars • Notepads • Gift Certificates • Pens & Magnets • Mugs & Mouse pads • Custom Sticky Notes • Bumper Stickers • T-shirts,Polo shirts, Hoodies and Caps

Website Design Malta Logomotion

"Our mission is to save the internet from boring designs." We all know how frustrating it is to visit a website for which you need a manual to figure out how everything works. On the other hand with our designs you have nothing to worry about. We always make sure that our web designs are intuitive,efficient, search engine friendly, have a WOW factor and feature user-friendly navigation. LogoMotion Studios designers are masters in creating highly-interactive and enjoyable Flash Websites that offer the users the feeling of being in control. With Flash we can animate your web content to translate, rotate, blur, glow, swirl, bloat, splash, burn, divide, unite, expand, shrink........., I think you get the point. So let us help you improve your online presence through a state of the art website and attract more customers to your business.

Our Web Designs Services include: • Search-Engine friendly Websites • Flash Websites @ Affordable prices • Highly functional Designs • Flash Banners • Web Adverts • Domain Name Registration • Hosting Services • Mail Hosting and Webmail Services • Deep Linking (you can bookmark any page) • Full Browser functionality • Compatibility with all Major Browsers and various others.

3D Malta LogoMotion

Do you drool when you watch amazing 3D effects? Or how many times have you wished to bring your imagination and fantasies to life? Usually you end up giving up because you think you cannot afford it and you dismiss the idea. NO!, we want those fantasies and we have all the skills necessary to bring them to life and YES we will succeed to make you drool for our work as well. We have delved into all aspects of 3D from modelling, rigging,lighting and animation to mind blowing special effects like realistic smoke, dust, debris, flames, explosions and even fluid simulations. Don’t be shy, all you have to do is to contact us with your ideas and we’lll be more than happy to bring them to life in the way you always immagined. At LogoMotion Studios we make use of the latest software used in all major film and game development studios. We have over 5 years of experience in amazing software such as Maya, Zbrush, 3Ds Max, Realflow, AfterEffects and various others.

We don’t just press the render button and stop there. Logo Motion Studios goes beyond and makes sure that all your renders are made up of: • Diffuse Pass (also known as the Beauty Pass) • Ambient Occlusion Pass (to enhance realistic shadows) • Normal, Cavity and Displacement maps to make use of low resolution characters with no loss of high-res detail. • Primary and Secondary specular Passes (for reflections, refractions and glossiness) • Sub Surface Scattering (simulate light passing through skin thus bringing characters to life) • Depth of Field Pass (Blur on purpose certain areas of the image to direct the focus wherever you need) • Alpha Pass ( to aid in compositing 3D elements in post production)

photorealistic renders Malta

photorealistic renders Europe

We have a vast number of clients very satisfied with our 3D services. We can create top notch 3d photorealistci renders of your projects

Contact Logo Motion Studios Malta

You can find all the information here how to get in contact with Logo Motion Studios

Mobile Number LogoMotion Malta

(+356) 79093934

Tel Number LogoMotion Malta

(+356) 21697907

Email Logomotion Malta

To contact Logomotion Studios online send an email to

Address Logomotion Malta

Block V, Flat 6, Triq il-Fuxa, Santa Lucija SLC 1640, Malta, Europe

you can locate us on our website by utilizing the google map integrated into the website

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